Debian upgrades scheduled past and future

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It’s come to my attention that a number of people were unaware of upgrades taking place on ILRT servers. The following upgrades have taken place on ILRT servers recently:

Host Scheduled Date Change Activity
tc-test0 July 26th A1207-044
www9-intute July 30th A1207-042
www7-jdm July 31st A1207-048


Aug 6th A1207-046


Aug 8th A1207-047


Aug 8th A1207-045*

* also included a move of idz-prod and idz-leg to the new virtualisation cluster.

These pending servers have been rescheduled to give time for any queries to be raised:

Host Scheduled Date Activity



August 29th A1207-049


August 30th A1207-050
pg-p2 September 5th A1207-051

* metis requires a move of physical hardware so will be down in the day. BOS will be relocated to the new cluster first and moved back onto metis after a rebuild to reduce downtime.

All upgrades will involve to sets of downtime. The first will be a short break while the server is rebooted (<30s). The second will be while the VM is migrated to the new virtualisation cluster, downtime depending on length of time to perform a final delta data transfer (avg 5mins). There maybe other downtime if a service needs to be down during an upgrade (e.g. database server upgrade).

The next phase of the upgrade will be to evacuate all remaining legacy Ganeti cluster nodes so they can be rebuilt. This will be scheduled for sometime in September and will require the relocation of the following VMs:

  • bcfg2-dev.ilrt
  • bcfg2-prod.ilrt
  • bcfg2-test.ilrt
  • cos-dep.ilrt
  • dengar.ilrt
  • europa.ilrt
  • id-zdemo.ilrt
  • id-zdev.ilrt
  • mail.ilrt
  • my-dev0.ilrt
  • pg-dev5.ilrt
  • pkg-dx64.ilrt
  • pkg-dx86.ilrt
  • sp-p0.ilrt
  • tc-demo0.ilrt
  • tc-dev0.ilrt
  • tc-p2.ilrt
  • tc-p3.ilrt
  • tc-p4.ilrt
  • tc-t1.ilrt
  • www2-zdemo.ilrt
  • www4-php.ilrt
  • www5-perl.ilrt
  • www6-flat.ilrt
  • www11-py.ilrt
  • www12-flat.ilrt
  • www13-php-dev.ilrt
  • www15-py-dev.ilrt
  • www16-php-test.ilrt
  • www17-perl-demo.ilrt
  • www18-php-demo.ilrt
  • www22-php-dev.ilrt
  • www24-econ.ilrt
  • www25-php-demo.ilrt
  • www26-py-demo.ilrt
  • www29-tc-pi.ilrt
  • www33-perl-dev.ilrt

I’m assessing whether this can be automated in bulk or whether a controlled out-of-hours migration is necessary.

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