Friday Morning Tech Talks Summer Season

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The summer season of the “Friday Morning Tech Talks” is here. See below for a list of what we have lined up. Anyone in IT Services is welcome to attend and even people from outside the department or even outside the University! If you are not a member of University staff please get in contact so I can confirm it’s OK for you to attend.

The location will be at IT Services R&D/ILRT, 8-10 Berkeley Square.

In the Bergerac Room on the first floor at the back of the building. MOST talks will start at 11am.

Who What Where When
John Hay Identity Management BS F.16 20th April
Pete Walker Leadership (title tbc) BS F.16 4th May
Ian Stubbs The Network (title tbc) BS F.16 15th June @ 2-3pm
Ed Crewe Federated authorisation for a Shibboleth service provider BS F.16 22nd June
Graeme Cappi Storage Futures BS F.16 3rd August
Dan Foster The Fog (aka Shared Infrastructure) BS F.16 10th August