Tomcat 6 vulns

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DSA 2401-1
Several vulnerabilities have been found in Tomcat, a servlet and JSP

CVE-2011-1184 CVE-2011-5062 CVE-2011-5063 CVE-2011-5064

The HTTP Digest Access Authentication implementation performed
insufficient countermeasures against replay attacks.


In rare setups passwords were written into a logfile.


Missing input sanisiting in the HTTP APR or HTTP NIO connectors
could lead to denial of service.


AJP requests could be spoofed in some setups.


Incorrect request caching could lead to information disclosure.

CVE-2011-4858 CVE-2012-0022

This update adds countermeasures against a collision denial of
service vulnerability in the Java hashtable implementation and
addresses denial of service potentials when processing large
amounts of requests.

Additional information can be
found at

ILRT servers will be updated next Tuesday morning.