Moving to Debian Squeeze

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Due to the upcoming end of life for Debian Lenny next February and because we’ve been successfully running Debian Squeeze for some time and because we are now in a phase of preparing for the new release of Debian Wheezy, we need to start to either decommission or update all existing Debian Lenny installations.

The remaining Lenny instances fit into a number of categories;

  • Decommission – these will no longer be supported beyond Debian Lenny
  • Upgrade High profile – these will need to be scheduled for update well in advance so service managers can prepare for the update and notify users/clients.
  • Upgrade Medium profile – these can be updated at any time without notifying users but should still be updated out of hours.
  • Upgrade low profile – these can be updated at any time.
  • Exception – these hosts run services with a configuration that is not supported in Debian Squeeze or a migration upgrade route has not been formulated.

There are also a few software versions which will cease to be supported when the migration occurs. Most software should have been tested on the newer versions but in some cases developers will need to perform extra validation to ensure the migration will  be smooth.

I will be in contact with service managers to arrange for this work to take place.