Gnt-cluster3 (the bad one) decomissioned

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OK so it’s taken a while but I’ve finally gotten all the VMs on the bad ganeti cluster. If you don’t remember there have been all manner of problems with this cluster mainly due to hardware faults but also due to bugs in the 32bit kernel for Xen on Debian Lenny. Apologies, for taking so long to get this moved over.

So, we’re running most stuff on gnt-cluster1. There are 51 virtual machine instances on there at the moment. Remaining VMs for Berkeley Sq live with the windows boxes on gnt-cluster2 (6 instances) and a handful (4 instances) of ancient application servers (tomcat, zope) living on gnt-cluster0. We also have a cluster, gnt-cluster4 (with 9 instances) for central IS inherited machines.