Nagios email alerts

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By popular demand (oh you’re going to love me) I have finalised the templates for dynamic configuration of Nagios contacts and contactgroups in bcfg2. This means that if you are listed as the “service-manager” for a project on ? then you will be associated with services that Nagios monitors for that project. At this time only Apache HTTPd virtual hosts and Zope servers are monitored. *ALL* services are monitored and alerted despite of status; production, pilot, development or volatile.

I have have set a couple of defaults for starters. The first is that everyone will be added to the “24×7” time definition, meaning that you will be emailed at any time of the day. This can be changed to a time that suits you, e.g. “office-hours”. The other default is for any project which does not currently have a “service-manager” the alert will be sent to “id-sysadmin”, “ilrt-sysadmin” will receive alerts for all services and host definitions.

Please note: that at this time there are no host/service dependencies defined. The data exists in bcfg2 to allow for this to be added which could prevent the mass alert of a major outage, e.g. network outage between rosa and the CC. I do plan to add this at some point in the future.

I will continue to monitor all services and will respond with bestĀ endeavoursĀ for services that I do not strictly speak maintain so do not worry I am not washing hands of that responsibility (yet). ;-)

This does not constitute an obligation on your part to provide out of hours support on a service. Please, discuss with the project manager or the client for the project.