Bcfg2 Apache vhost config changes

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???I have added an enable flag attribute to apache vhost generation and reverted to using a sites-enabled and sites-available directories to store the configuration. A symlink is maintained to the vhost file when enabled. All include directory names will remain in place.

Additionally, I have discovered a problem in that some sites have multiple vhosts with the same ServerName but different IP addresses. This causes bcfg2 to clobber the entries for the vhosts 2nd level config file (the one in apache/conf/sites-enabled). I have hacked this in the projects genshi bundle so that the file name for the vhost adds the vh name, e.g. servername_vh:port.conf or www.foo.com_123.123.123.1:80.conf There may be a problem where a site has 2 vh pointing at shared files. This won’t be a problem with reading config files but it possibly will be with log files and more likely cache folders. We could easily move these, but there would be a knock on affect on the maintenance of log rotation. I will move the cache dirs as these are not heavily used right now. This will result in possible performance of the cache folders whilst they are being repopulated.

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