Puppet anyone?

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For quite some time I’ve been battling with Bcfg2 and always wondering if the grass on the other side of the fence really is as green as it looks. There are more users in the community using puppet, the Puppet BoF at LISA was completely packed whilst the Bcfg2 one had about 20 hardcore users. Perhaps it’s time to take a look?

My biggest issue(s) with Bcfg2:

  • No integration with service based metadata (unless you hand crank it).
  • No interhost/service name space interaction (unless you hand crank it).
  • Difficult learning curve causes developers to shy away.

Good tool integration which we could use:

  • Facter – for collecting node information
    • you could do this with Probes in Bcfg2 but it’s clunky.
    • there’s an ohai plugin for Bcfg2 which is better.
  • mCollective

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