Postgres 8 migration and devbox

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Devbox is the final place where Prosgresql 7 is installed and in use. What I propose is that as from now if any Postgres databases are needed that developers migrate them to the standalone Postgres 8 instances or just run up version 8 instances when they are needed instead of using the old one. To do this run:

ssh devbox
cd /usr/local/projects/directory/
mkdir pgsql-8.3-test
../postgres/ ./pgsql-8.3-test/

I do not have plans to tear the old 7.4 instance down, not at least until devbox itself dies. That might be sometime. I don’t want to make a clean spot by removing it. ;-) It seems better to just say that this box is not the ideal platform for development and we should be moving towards building dev VM instances where they are needed. If anyone feels it’s a good idea I can build a VM called pg-d0 for developing databases on which is a more permanent placement. This would not be high on my priority list until we are in a position to consider taking devbox down for good.