What sort of Infrastructure would you like?

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In a lot of recent conversations there has been talk on differing technologies and approaches to the future of infrastructure. I’d like to get a feel for what people generally want from the future infrastructure for our applications.

I have added a new poll to the site which mentions the following 5 options:

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • For example Google apps or MSN for email or other out sourced software services.
    • No worries about infrastructure as we pay someone to do it all.
    • No requirement for developers or sysadmins!
  2. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
    • For example Amazon Web Services: EC2, SimpleDB, CloudFront, etc.
    • We save on the hardware and admin overhead of management but we still manage the virtual machines. We get a lot of tools for automated deployment.
    • Still need to administer and consider scaling and deployment in the system.
  3. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    • For example Google App Engine
    • A scalable platform for deploying packaged apps to the cloud.
    • Still need development but no worries about systems level stuff.
    • No real control over the environment and subject to restrictions of the host.
  4. Internal UoB ran Cloud
    • You manage the VM, Central staff manage the hardware.
    • Full ownership of the infrastructure and can develop full depth of stack.
    • Could be expensive and learning curve for systems arch.
  5. Internal UoB ran Service
    • Central hardware, centrally managed service.┬áThis is how it is now.
    • Freedom in platform and bespoke design.
    • Case by case architecture necessary. High maintenance costs.

I would welcome your comments or just a vote in the poll.

Where would you like to see applications hosted in the future?

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