Personal web space and shell accounts on mail

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At 8pm on Monday the 11th of Oct I will be moving the chroot environment from mail.ilrt (aka io.ilrt) to www12-flat.ilrt. This will be advertised as personal.ilrt and all personal web space will be redirected there. All ~ home directory URLs on mail and www.ilrt will be redirected. All user data on mail.ilrt will be copied to www12-flat.ilrt. Anyone using mail.ilrt for remote shell access will need to use personal (another alias is shell16) or shell (alias of shell34) instead. Both servers should suffice for people needing access to mail using pine (aka alpine).

The new host will be also be available (as standard) via a samba share so people can map a drive letter to:


All web content should be placed in a directory named public_html.

So to recap. -> ->

Shell access to mail.ilrt will be turned off. Use shell.ilrt or personal.ilrt for shell access instead.