Long term project status

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Just in case anyone is interested in what I’m up to of late and for me to get an idea too here is a list of large projects that I am working on and their relative level of completeness. The closer they are to the top of the list the higher priority I am giving them:

  • Sustain ILRT email service (50%)
    • Upgrade to Debian Lenny (10%)
    • Migrating OS to virtual infrastructure (30%)
    • Migrate personal web pages/shell environment to separate server (80%)
    • Expanding space by relocating data to network storage (0%)
  • Decommission scarab (45%)
    • Migrate services to separate virtual ?infrastructure (?status on each project smb://ilrt-vader1/ilrt_data/General_New/tech_support/cmxmb/Projects/scarab-move.ods)
  • Upgrade all Debian Etch systems to Debian Lenny (smb://ilrt-vader1/ilrt_data/General_New/tech_support/unixsystems/etch-to-lenny.ods) (80%)
  • Network Storage
    • Build redundant hardware environment (90%)
    • Prepare configuration management for new release of Debian Squeeze (90%)
    • Research and prepare configuration for Highly Available cluster file system (currently Lustre) (20%)
      • Integrate into existing infrastructure and services (0%)
  • Automated deployment and configuration management
    • Import legacy systems (90%)
    • Import client contact data (40%)
    • DNS/DHCP integration, Host IP management¬†(10%)
    • External LDAP for authnz integration (0%)
    • Web UI and shell tools for project/site requests (0%)
    • Knowledge management, presenting properties/metadata (50%)
  • Database Architecture Improvements (10%)
    • Migrate to PostgreSQL v8 (90%)
      • Decommission sabre (80%)
    • Service/Host/Data redundancy (60%)
    • Performance (n/a)
  • Next Generation Virtual Infrastructure
    • Set up hardware environment (new server installation) (99%)
    • ?Research replacement for Xen/Ganeti infrastructure (5%)
      • Research and test Eucalyptus cluster management software (5%)
      • Test KVM as a replacement for Xen (20%)
    • Migrate Development environment from Berkeley Sq (0%)
    • Add new private network (0%)
  • Network infrastructure improvements (10%)
    • Expand ipv4 space (depending on demand) (10%)
    • Improve redundancy (10%)

If you’d like to hear more on any of the above let me know.