Project roles

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In order to add more information about individuals to bcfg2 metadata I am adding the ability to specify Contacts with “roles” in a project. The user is then looked up in a new user database. This user database is at this time just another XML file but later we could tap it into an IDM source (like LDAP). So what I’m looking to define now is the types of “roles” that could be set for a Contact. Here are some ideas:

  • client – The client that the project belongs to. This could be the commercial paying customer, the external or internal client contact. This is who we’d want to contact in the event of an planned outage.
  • service-manager – The individual for maintaining the service once it has been released into the wild and development has ceased.
  • project-manager – The member of staff responsible for overseeing the life cycle of the project.
  • primary-developer and secondary-developer – generally we would only need these whilst the project is in active development but we’d probably keep hold of them. I imagine the primary-developer would become the service-manager in most cases.
  • administrator – Individual with administrative privileges (just in the context of the project).
  • Other misc ones which may or may not be needed in bcfg2: designer, trainer, security-manager, database-administrator.

I have added the new contacts layout to existing projects and allocated all current “Maintainers” to the service-manager role. Obviously this is up for discussion and we can add/change these later.

I am updating the way that information is displayed for projects at If this works out OK I should really add more Contacts to projects. This should also allow me to take another look at how service monitoring alerts individuals associated with projects.

If anyone has any comments on how to design this please let me know.