Blogging service moved

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The website formerly known as the WordPress MU shared blogging install (still trying to think of a new name, how about The Blogging Service) has been relocated onto a new virtual home. This was mainly due to a requirement to move to an apache 2.2 version to use a specific directive but also satisfies the need to evacuate Scarab.

If you are looking for where to edit files for this site (or any other that hangs off the same install) please look on www20-php.

We will soon be enabling the more widely UoB service brand name of We have the wildcard DNS setup and I am in the process of registering a wildcard SSL cert. I will also perform a replacement of all references of the old name replacing with the name. Redirects will be kept in place so the old URLs function. We can also explicitly set DNS names for individual blogs where it is preferred.