OpenSolaris is Dead, Long live Nexenta

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Or maybe Debian GNU/kFreeBSD? I don’t know! After OpenSolaris was broadcast as officially being dead I’ve been looking around for a replacement OS for our baby SAN. Nexenta certainly seems a good choice as an open source OS based on the OpenSolaris kernel and GNU Ubuntu LTS userland and also in the most recent release is sporting a lovely OpenSolaris 134b kernel which has the coveted ZFS deduplication feature. However, for a full HA solution one would need to go for the commercial NexentaStor product. The other alternatives at the moment are a little sparse. Debian’s adoption of the FreeBSD kernel could be a goer except for the lack of ZFS userland tools at the moment. It still feels a little too fresh for my liking.

On the other side (the dark side) there are options such as some sort of enterprise scale cluster file system. However, the dark aspect to this is that most of these file systems want to run on Redhat (or derivative).

So which would you choose?


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