Bi-decade largest mailbox competition

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it’s that time again! Below are the top 10 largest mailbox sizes on our mail server in kilobytes!

  1. 6086728    ./user/bzkmp
  2. 4196472    ./user/cmjg
  3. 3717720    ./user/relh
  4. 3583596    ./user/cmpdw
  5. 3562168    ./user/pldab
  6. 2934000    ./user/bzdnh
  7. 2880900    ./user/ecdh
  8. 2857448    ./user/ks7687
  9. 2760028    ./user/ecemm
  10. 2706128    ./user/cmkjy

Well done to all those involved. Carry on filling up the mail server. Hopefully, if we have enough email they won’t be able to implement exchange!! =]

Edit: Here are the results from 2006
Top 10 biggest mailboxes

5.0G bzims
2.2G bzkmp
1.8G relh
1.8G cmjg
1.7G cmnaj
1.7G bzdnh
1.6G ks7687
1.5G pldab
1.5G ecnf
1.5G ecdh

That’s amazing! Most people have doubled the size of their mailbox in 4 years! =D

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