Backing up your linux workstation with BackupPc

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(duplicated from as this is an easier location to remember to look!)

All lines starting with a $ are commands to run as a normal user, all lines starting with a # are commands to run as root.

To add a new host to backuppc to the following:

1. Get a root shell on the destination machine.

2. Add the user backup if it doesn’t already exist.

# groupadd backup
# useradd -g backup -c "Remote backup user" -d /home/backup -s /bin/bash -m backup

3. Allow the backup user to run rsync as root via sudo.

# visudo

      Add the following line to the bottom

backup ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/rsync --server *

4. Create ssh directories:

# su - backup
$ mkdir -m 700 .ssh
$ cd .ssh

5. Copy in the public key file

$ wget -O authorized_keys
$ chmod 400 authorized_keys

6. Copy over the script

$ wget
$ chmod 500

7. Go to the web interface and add the host set the user to be the same as the UoB login for the user using the desktop.

8. Select the new machine from the drop down menu on the top left and try to run a backup. Check status and logs for errors.