Sysad catch up…

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Hardware spend

  • 20K to spend by start of June
    • Questions :
      • to Sun (sorry Oracle) or Not to Sun or Stick with Dell?
      • move the development stuff to CC?
    • What to spend on:
      • £2.5K on lots of big disks for nereid & triton
      • 3x 8Core 24Gb 1Tb 1U servers for development cluster.
    • Leaves 7kish we could get more?
    • What about storage array?
    • What about DB, Mail server or BOS?
    • What else?

Cover for new few weeks

Bcfg2 v1 roll out

  • now live on bcfg2-prod
  • still to do:
    • reporting
    • autoupdates enabled
    • apply to hosts and iron out

Shatner migration

  • not happening due to Xen HVM problems
  • see id-zcofe
  • should we go to 64bit centos PVM?
  • Questions arising on stability and robustness of Ganeti/Xen
  • Where to go next. Meeting with infrastructure group

Infrastructure Group