desktop backups

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The server rosa (aka ig88) which performs the nightly backups for desktop clients (mostly Linux) is full again. I’ve already cleared out as much as I can and set less frequent full backup cycle in an attempt to reduce disk usage but I think it’s really got to the max now. I’m in the process of building a replacement server with 3Tb of storage (vs the 600mb we currently have). I hope to be able to migrate some of the archives of older machines to the new box asap which will free some space to continue backing up the currently active hosts. Then I’ll migrate active machines in chunks. There might be some holes in the backups over the next few days as a result. Please let me know if you are especially concerned about anything due to this.

The new server is our 1st opensolaris box which will enable me to become familiar with with it’s internals and get my teeth into ZFS and also make use of some of that LISA training!