vm migrations

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I’ve juggled a few virtual machines around to make some space on gnt-cluster0 and to free bs-hv-01 to move it into gnt-cluster3 as follows:

  • id-zprep archived was on bs-hv-01
  • rt-dev archived was on bs-hv-01
  • www14-simdev archived was on bs-hv-01
  • cos-dep migrated to gnt-cluster1
  • ldap migrated to gnt-cluster1
  • pkg-dx86 (aka packages) migrated to gnt-cluster1

Some vms may need to be taken out of service temporarily so that bs-hv-01 can be freed up. These will be notified at a later date.

gnt-cluster0 now has 100g of free space which can possibly be used to migrate shatner.

All migrations to gnt-cluster1 are running primary on oberon. They are all light weight vms and should not affect other services running there (namely sabre).

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