Sysadmin meeting 20th July

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* Upgrading PHP4 to PHP 5
* Apache 1.3 to 2 upgrade
* PostgreSQL upgrade end of year

* Maris must be replaced ASAP
* Sabre
* Zope production box 2-3 months away


1. Config management code club - Matt B to arrange [DONE]
2. Look into examples of others using bconfig in conjunction with zope buildout
3. Set aside a dedicated day to combine bconfig and buildout  - Matt to arrange with developers
4. Ensure id-zdemo has enough back up capabilities to be used for CMS content population.  Suggested to add networker?
5. Pete to warn LTSS with regards to requirement to upgrade PHP4 to PHP5
6. Arrange meeting regarding LTSS applications - Ed to arrange to include MB and PW
7. Ed to demo PHP sections of LTSS site on devbox to give an informed estimate on how much work may be required for PHP upgrade to work on their site
8. Ale to verify OCS v.1 can run on PHP 5.
9. Ed Crewe to upgrade AuthorAID from 3.1.2 to 3.1.3
10. Tessa to upgrade ECU from 3.1.1 to 3.1.3
11. Ed to upgrade RT some time in the future not pressing
12. Ed to fix 2 pressing bugs in the most recently customised RT version
13. Tessa to downgrade ECU manager role to reviewer plus the required additional permissions
14. Ed to include CSRF fix to SCONUL Zope site after Dom reissues ZopeGuardian code
15. Ed and Dom to discuss with Paul Smith protecting COBS with the ZopeGuardian product

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