UKUUG conference spring 2011 Leeds

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This is my second attendance at the UK Unix Users Group conference. The first was back in 2008 in Birmingham and this conference was certainly a great improvement on content delivered. Most topics had a relevance to work at the University of Bristol and for Open Source Software users and environments we have. The most useful and enjoying were firstly the marathon of talks given by Jan-Piet Mens on DNSSEC topics throughout the first day  and a comprehensive and practical overview of the essentials of technical change management given by Matthew MacDonald-Wallace. Much respect must be given to Mark Burgess for providing an extreme high-level and theoretical vision (I wouldn’t expect anything less) of Configuration Management as Knowledge Management. Probably the most tempting take-back-to-work tool must be OpenStack, a compute and storage virtualisation provisioning cluster management suite, presented by Thierry Carrez. Following closely by Ceph, a scalable cluster file system, with an energetic and entertaining overview by John Leech. More detail on some of these talks follow in various posts to this blog: