fcheck for projects now on all apache servers

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As a follow on from the previous post about enabling fcheck for all projects and because I am migrating configuration from scarab (where this was originally setup) I have created the ability to scan a project for file changes every hour. To turn this on for a project you manage open the config file:

Set the variable ENABLE to ON and optionally add paths to files and/or directories that you wish to exclude from the scan to the bash array EXCLUSIONS, e.g.:

EXCLUSIONS=("/path/to/file" "/path/to/directory/")
Then wait. If you are listed as the primary developer for a project you will receive email reports when files are changed in the project’s directory structure. The check runs once an hour for each project. I am working on extending project properties description in Bcfg so that more than one person can be associated with a project.

Note: no scanning is done by default but I may enable it if I am concerned about the security of the application, e.g. if file uploads are enabled.

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