Database migration reminder

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In my previous posts ?Postgresql Mysql migration upgrade (sabre outage) and Proposed Database migration route (Action required) I wrote about the database migration to the start of the new database architecture. Apologies for not making it very clear what is required now. Here is the basic (read between the lines) required action:

For all MySQL databases please change all references of to

For all PostgreSQL databases please change all references of to

This change needs to occur before the 27th of July.

The PostgreSQL database server will be upgraded from version 7.4 to 8.3 on the 10th of August.

You have until the 10th of August to confirm that your applications are compatible with PostgreSQL version 8.3.

Thanks to all those who have already made the change.

Dom has tested the Law Zope instance on id-zleg and confirmed that all other databases (using the compiled version of psycopg) will likely work correctly with the new PostgreSQL version. Thanks Dom.