Upgrade of sabre

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Dan and I are currently going through co-coordinating the final push to Debian Lenny from Etch. This will cause a fair amount of turbulence amongst services as we move through.

There is a question regarding the upgrade of sabre which I would like to throw out there. Would it be a good time to do a fresh install in a new server. This would allow for:

  1. clean out of unwanted cruft
  2. possibly separate pgsql/mysql into separate servers
  3. possibly upgrade pgsql to version 8
  4. move the VM(s) back to the more spacious/new/faster app cluster

The most pressing of questions is 2 because that will mean we need to change the connection strings for apps moving to the new servers. If I keep them together I can move it all wholesale but there will be downtime, if we do it with the split then we can move the dbs in a controlled fashion and try out the environment first. I am not sure about 3 but it’s been on my list of things to do for 4 years! Think it would be something we should just do and cope with the change.

As for time? No I don’t have time to do all this but it seems like the right way.

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